A Fresh Take on Time Tracking: Introducing DoubleTime

A Fresh Take on Time Tracking: Introducing DoubleTime

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For many years, my work as a software development contractor revolved around two crucial tasks: diligent time tracking and regular invoicing. However, achieving efficiency in time tracking proved to be a tough nut to crack, and this led to noticeable shortcomings when it came to billing — clearly, a change was needed.

On more than one occasion, I experimented with various time tracking and invoicing tools available in the market, and despite many of these tools being proficient in their respective areas — whether logging hours accurately or generating invoices efficiently — finding a perfect match for my needs proved challenging. Many of the tools that focused on time tracking lacked the invoicing capabilities I required, and those that were brilliant at invoicing didn’t meet my time tracking needs. When I did come across a tool that integrated both time tracking and invoicing, the price was often more than I wanted to pay.

Frustratingly, I always ended up resorting to the clock to estimate my work hours, an approach far from ideal. Not only was this method inaccurate, leading to potential income loss, but it also deprived me of the ability to accurately assess my past work. It became abundantly clear to me that I was operating in a suboptimal way, and this was impacting my earnings and my ability to effectively plan and review my work.

Recognising this prompted the development of a specifically designed tool to address these gaps: DoubleTime.

Although initially designed with sole traders and contractors in mind, the functionality of DoubleTime can be utilised by a wide range of professionals across various industries where time tracking is essential.

Seamless Time Tracking

Convenience and necessity are the cornerstones upon which DoubleTime was built. At its core is the intuitive ‘Start’ feature, accessible from any location within the app, eliminating the need to scramble to start the timer when a client call comes through or when multitasking is paramount.

With DoubleTime, time tracking is effortless, no matter the current task or the user’s location within the app — simply fill in the details when it’s convenient.

DoubleTime’s task list

Organisation with Tags

Organisation is at the heart of DoubleTime, putting the power firmly in the hands of the user through the innovative use of tags. With tags serving as the backbone of organisation, DoubleTime shakes off the constraints of predefined hierarchies, offering a flexible way to categorise tasks, simplify filtering, and easily generate reports — be it a client, a project, a JIRA task, or any other attribute.

Enhanced Note-Taking Capabilities

Another notable feature of DoubleTime is its enhanced note-taking capabilities, a feature that is often lacking or limited in other apps. Understanding the need for detailed notes that are easily accessible, DoubleTime allows professionals to document and refer back to comprehensive notes throughout the course of a task.

Bridging Time Tracking with Invoicing

DoubleTime takes the extra step beyond time tracking; it also enables users to generate invoices for their clients. Invoices can be manually created by forming line items or importing tracked time based on a date range and a selection of tags.

However, the standout feature is its focus on privacy and security. Unlike other systems, DoubleTime allows users to send secure invoice links to their clients. These links are not openly accessible, requiring a second authentication factor—assuring an extra layer of security for your, and your client’s personal details. To round off the invoicing process, simply prepare your invoice, hit send, and get paid.

Keeping It Affordable

In today’s economic climate, where prices are continually on the rise, the importance of affordability is more significant than ever. The goal for DoubleTime was not just to integrate seamless time tracking and invoicing but also to maintain accessibility for professionals across the board. Emphasis was placed on a competitive pricing model to ensure excellent value for money, and a complimentary access model was introduced for individuals requiring only time tracking without invoicing needs.

Evolution Through User Feedback

The creation of DoubleTime from the ground up offered the chance to incorporate a fresh, streamlined approach. On the surface, the application might seem light on features, but this minimalist design allows for continual enhancement based on user feedback. This feedback mechanism ensures that DoubleTime evolves according to the real needs of its users, fostering an ongoing dialogue that helps enhance the tool and enrich the user experience.

The Future

Although DoubleTime currently caters to the Australian market, specifically with invoicing, the future will see expansion to accommodate other markets, in keeping with the commitment to continually evolve to meet user needs.

Notably, upcoming features include richer reporting and integrations with various other platforms, enhancing its functionality even further. DoubleTime was built from a need for a tool that integrates time tracking with invoicing seamlessly. It challenges the confines of traditional software, providing ease of use, flexibility, and user-centric enhancements. The commitment is to ensure that DoubleTime not only adapts and innovates but also remains at the cutting edge of meeting professionals' needs across various industries.

Feedback on DoubleTime is always appreciated, and its incorporation into future versions of the tool is eagerly anticipated.

Ready to reap the benefits of seamless time tracking and invoicing? Experience the enhanced efficiency and security of DoubleTime today: https://doubletime.io